5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Set achievable goals and break up bigger goals into smaller parts

Setting a goal gives you a measurable endpoint to work towards, and is a good way to stay motivated towards a long term vision. However, if the goal you set for yourself is too big it can feel unachievable and therefore it might have the opposite effect. The best thing to do is to set smaller goals within a larger goal that you are working towards. Let’s say you want to run a marathon (and you are not an experienced runner); this is a massive goal that will take plenty of time and preparation to work towards. You can start by setting a goal for yourself to run 5k, and then 10k, 15k etc until you build it up to the full 42 kilometers. These smaller goals are easier to reach and you will get a sense of achievement each time which will keep you motivated! The same practice can be applied to any vision you have for your life, maybe you want to write a book? Or get a promotion at work? Or improve your employability? Set small goals each month for yourself that will help to keep you on track.

Use rewards

Rewards go hand-in-hand with goal setting and are a great idea for keeping you motivated and pushing towards a larger dream or ambition. Not only will they make you feel good when you achieve something, they will also incentivise you, and you’ll get a chance to spoil yourself! You can plan something big and fun (and possibly expensive) for when you achieve your overall goal, but you should also celebrate the little milestones too with small daily rewards. This can be anything from having some time to yourself (no emails or replying to messages), reading a book, trying meditation, having a bath or watching a film.  Anything that you feel would be enjoyable and a treat for yourself! 

Set a timetable: Remember to take regular breaks and rest

Once you have set yourself some achievable goals and also planned some rewards for yourself, the best thing to do next is to create a timetable. If you wake up each morning without having a plan for the day, it can be really hard to find the motivation to start working on your aspirations. This is why it’s a good idea to set out allotted times to work on things. If your overall goal is to improve your skills in order to become more employable, then it’s a great idea to schedule a couple of hours each day where you will complete your online learning. Always remember the importance of rest and taking breaks too, as a general rule you should take a 15 minute break for every hour of work. So set aside time to concentrate and work hard for an hour and then take a 15 minute break where you have a cuppa or maybe do some light exercise.

Stay healthy: Exercise, good night’s sleep, eat well

Whilst you are working towards any big target in your life, if you are not taking proper care of your physical health then it will be really difficult to stay motivated and positive. It’s always crucial to try and eat a nutritious diet, and to also have regular healthy snacks whilst you are working in order to sustain your energy.  Exercising is also a great way to feel more motivated, even going for a short walk will release endorphins, which is a feel-good chemical that will help you feel more positive and ready to work on your goals! And of course, always try to have a good night’s sleep, allow plenty of time to wind down and try to avoid screen time before bed. Having a healthy sleep schedule is really important for healthy brain function, staying energized and therefore motivated towards your goals! 

Having a good support system

When undertaking any goal or vision for your future, it is so important to surround yourself with likeminded and supportive people who will help your progress rather than hinder it. If your goal is to get fit, maybe see if a friend or family member will accompany you to the gym or on a run? And if you want to work on improving your skills to succeed in securing your dream job, then ask if they would be willing to take a few courses together! However, it’s not necessary to have them holding your hand the whole way, as long as they are understanding of your dreams and are willing to cheer you on, you will find it so much easier to stay motivated and achieve your goals. 

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