Business Start-Up Courses

An Introduction to Self-Employment and Business Startup (3 hours)

Interested in working for yourself or creating a company? Learn the fundamentals of self-employment and starting up your own business. Find out what’s involved in getting started and what’s needed to make it work, with support from our business owners who started the business in 2002 and are still here, sharing their knowledge in the course!

Selling Items Online – eBay, Facebook, Etsy, Vinted (3 hours)

Coming October 2023 – Helping you explore the e-commerce opportunities of selling online and how to maximise sales. The course covers the essential topics and skills needed to know why selling online vs locally is advantageous. What items sell best on which sites and how to sell items on eBay, Etsy and Vinted leading to greater success with hints and tips including how to take great pictures, describe in detail your item using a story and listing to gain a competitive advantage leading to more sales.

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