An Introduction to Working as a Teaching Assistant

(3 hours)

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Whether you’re looking to find a permanent position as a teaching assistant or use it as a stepping stone towards a full-time position in the education sector, our course will give you all the tips you need to stand out from the crowd and give you the best chance of securing your goal. Being a teaching assistant is a key role within schools and this course will give you the basic knowledge needed and also give you a certificate to put onto your CV and show your future employer you are serious and committed to getting the position.

Course Contents

·         Lesson 1: Life in a School

·         Lesson 2: What Skills, Qualifications, and Experience Do You Need to Become a Teaching Assistant

·         Lesson 3: A Day in the Life of a Teaching Assistant

·         Lesson 4: How to Find Out About Vacancies

·         Lesson 5: Progression

·         Lesson 6: Teaching Abroad

·         Lesson 7: What Needs to Go on Your CV

· Lesson 8: Non-Teaching Jobs in Schools

This course doesn’t just give you a step-by-step plan on how to become a teaching assistant but also gives you guidance on how to maximise your chances of getting employed in this sector. Some people may be unsure if this is the career path they want to take therefore the course also includes information about what it is like working as a teaching assistant and what perks a job in this area comes with.

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Practical tasks in each course to aid your understanding.

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