Computer (IT) Courses

Beginner’s Spreadsheets (3 hours)

Creating spreadsheets doesn’t mean you need to be a Maths genius! Learn how to create spreadsheets for either work or personal use. Once you’ve figured out the foundations with our help and guidance, it’ll open up new opportunities for your data and you will be able to enter data and perform calculations with the end result being presented in a clear and easily digestible way.

Beginner’s Word Processing (3 hours)

Learn how to create good-looking documents for either work or personal use and along the way the main features of word processing software. All of the functions and procedures taught as you create professional documents will also be transferable to other software.

Beginner’s Presentations (3 hours)

Presentations are a very important element when working in business or when wanting to show any topic in an informative way! Learn the fundamentals of presentations, and how to create efficient engaging messages by using slides, layout, and transitions.

Beginner’s Internet and

Email (3 hours)

Learn how to use both your web browser and your email software. Create an email address using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook and investigate their online software applications you can use for free. Learn how to use the internet more effectively. How to find information faster and discover the power of using email effectively and all its components professionally compared to conventional mail. It will make a real difference in your work or home life.

Complete Beginner’s IT Package (12 hours)

Complete all 4 beginner’s level courses Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, Internet and Email, and gain the full certificate.

Advanced Spreadsheets Using Excel (3 hours)

We will build on your knowledge of Microsoft Excel and teach you how to construct a clear, concise, and informative expert spreadsheet that can be used in any business, club, or personal use situation. You will be introduced to some of the more complex operations within the program. Follow our step-by-step instructions as we produce a multi-sheet workbook that will be used to record a real-life activity before we look at performing a range of complex analysis actions on the results.

Advanced Word Processing Using Word (3 hours)

Microsoft Word is a complex software program with hundreds of options and uses, we will teach you how to use Microsoft Word to a more professional standard, perfect as a follow-on course from our Beginner’s Word Processing course or if you already have experience in Word. Follow our step-by-step instructions as we produce a course brochure which will be formatted, indexed, and then merged in preparation for a mailshot to be sent.

Advanced Presentations Using PowerPoint (3 hours)

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations have long been a staple of office and educational environments and for good reason. A solid PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal when you need to convey an idea, lesson, or message to an audience. PowerPoint is a complex presentation program with hundreds of options and uses for presenting any information. Follow our step-by-step instructions as we produce a course offer presentation which will be formatted, media added, and then slides narrated before we turn the whole recording into an mp4 file ready for distribution.

Complete Advanced IT Package (9 hours)

Complete all 3 advanced-level courses in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and gain the full certificate.

Building a Website (3 hours)

Coming October 2023 – Learn how to turn your idea, product or blog into a website! Learn about web design and development, especially if you have little to no coding experience. You will then be taught to use Wix’s website builder (learning the processes and skills in Wix means everything learned can be easily transferred to other website-building programs too) which is a user-friendly website builder that offers a variety of tools and features to help you create a professional-looking website.

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