Advanced Presentations Using PowerPoint

(3 hours)

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Microsoft PowerPoint presentations have long been a staple of office and educational environments and for good reason. A solid PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal when you need to convey an idea, lesson, or message to an audience. PowerPoint is a complex presentation program with hundreds of options and uses for presenting any information. Follow our step-by-step instructions as we produce a course offer presentation which will be formatted, media added, and then slides narrated before we turn the whole recording into an mp4 file ready for distribution.

Course Contents

  • Lesson 1: Formatting a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Lesson 2: How to Import Text from Another Application into Your Presentation
  • Lesson 3: How to Customise PowerPoint Design
  • Lesson 4: How to Add Media and Animations to PowerPoint
  • Lesson 5: How to Collaborate when Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint
  • Lesson 6: How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Lesson 7: Final Task

The final task puts all skills learned in the previous lessons into practice and allows the student to explore the different advanced features of a PowerPoint Presentation.

Design- Using the PowerPoint from an earlier task you will be required to create a PowerPoint presentation by first choosing the appropriate design for your presentation using themes and variants. Then use the slide master, you must change each title text colour on the master slide, add pictures/logos, and then adjust the footer to add today’s date and presentation page numbers.

Media and Animations- You are required to insert a video from YouTube and then add Media and Animations, some Smart Art and a chart.

Collaborating- Once the PowerPoint is complete you are asked to share your PowerPoint with other colleagues doing the same course. You are tasked with adding notes to your PowerPoint slides which include your charts, online videos, and Smart Art. You will also need to finish off by adding comments to the comment box within the presentation.

Recording Your Presentation- Add any subtitles which can be useful for users who cannot hear or understand the language then record the presentation. The final part of the final task is to export your video into a YouTube clip.

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