Skills For Work Courses

Everyday Time Management 

(3 hours)

Improve your everyday time management, and make the most of each day as time is the most precious resource you have at your disposal. By enrolling on this course you will learn how to use your time wisely by optimising where and how you spend your hours, leading to you making a real difference in earning you a smooth and streamlined successful path in life and employment.

Everyday Body Language

(3 hours)

With this course, you will reinforce your ability to read and understand body language, in person or online. Nonverbal cues are an excellent way for you to navigate challenging social encounters with ease, as well as enable better interpersonal communication between teammates and coworkers. You will then be able to use your new skills in everyday life, at work, or in your personal life to increase your communication skills for the better, giving yourself the edge.

Everyday Teamwork & Team

Leading (3 hours)

Learn the best and most effective ways to work as a unit, in your personal or work life. Having a greater knowledge and understanding of how teams are structured, and the types of people within a team including identifying their strengths and weaknesses will allow you to flourish at work or in any team environment. You will also be taught how to communicate at all levels as a leader.

Everyday Communication

Skills (3 hours)

With this course, you will learn the basics of communication and how to interact appropriately according to your environment. By learning the different styles of communication you will learn skills that are essential in building trust and making positive interpersonal relations, and they will also make you a well-oiled machine of any business. You will also get a certificate to prove it!

Mindfulness in the Workplace

(3 hours)

With this course, you will learn techniques that will allow you to understand and become better at work, help you with your everyday life and learn to improve your mindfulness in the workplace by looking at yourself and the others around you and the interactions you have.

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