5 Amazing Tips To Bring You Interview Success

Written by Rhianna Williamson

01 | 06 | 21

So you’ve done it! You’ve sent out countless applications (or maybe just the one if you’re lucky) and you have finally gotten an interview. Whether it’s in person, over the phone or via an online video call, it’s always a great idea to be prepared. This article will give you 5 great tips to help you feel confident and ready to impress your prospective employer.

1. Research the company/ organisation you are applying for

One of the most important things when attending an interview is to come informed about the company you are applying to. You don’t need to be a detective to do this, as most companies will have a website and a handy ‘About Us’ section where you can learn more about them. You can also have a look at their social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) to get a feel of the culture and what it would be like to work there. You don’t need to memorise every detail (and they probably won’t quiz you on it!) but having a good understanding of your potential employer will definitely set you apart. Many employers will ask why you want to work for them, and if you have an answer prepared with a few key details about their company ethos then you’ll definitely impress.

2. Dress to impress

Although in-person interviews are not as common anymore due to the pandemic, it is just as important to dress smartly for your Zoom interview. Even if you are interviewing on the phone, dressing nicely is still a good idea as it will help you to feel more confident. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, that your shoes are also clean and that you have showered and brushed your hair. All of these are so important in helping to make a good first impression. A smart business outfit is always the best bet, however if you know that the role is a lot more casual, then you can dress down slightly whilst still keeping it clean and smart.

3. Be aware of your body language

Although you probably won’t be shaking anyone's hand whilst social distancing measures are still in place, there are still a few things you should be aware of in terms of body language. Make sure that you sit up straight throughout the interview, and remember to smile and keep good eye contact. Try not to fidget as this let’s the employer know you are nervous. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and hold an open posture. There is a lot more to good body language than can be described in a short blog post, so if you would like to learn more about this we would recommend you take our free 2 hour course!

4. Know your CV

If you applied for a job by submitting a CV, then this is what caught the employers attention and led them to interviewing you, so you want to make sure you know it by heart! It is very likely that they will want to question you more about the specific details on your CV that make you a good candidate for the role. Go back and read the job description you applied for, make a note of the key skills and experience they are looking for and match this with the qualities you have on your CV. You should also consider examples of experiences where you have used the skills in practice. You can even make a note of these on paper and bring this to the interview!

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5. Make a note of some questions that you would like to ask

At the end of every interview, you will usually be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer, and if you have a couple of great questions on hand, this will show that you are enthusiastic and interested in the role. Asking thoughtful and relevant questions will also benefit you, as it can help you gain a better understanding of whether or not you are a right fit for the position. Consider writing down a list of several questions on a notepad that you can bring to the interview, that way you wont forget them if you get nervous. A good question to always ask is: ‘What would my day-to-day responsibilities in this job be?’.

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