Advanced Spreadsheets (Using Excel)

Advanced Spreadsheets (Using Excel)

In our advanced Microsoft Excel course, we will build on your knowledge and will be taught how to construct a clear, concise, and informative expert spreadsheet that can be a turning factor for any business, club, or personal use. You will be introduced to some of the more complex operations within the program, and follow our step-by-step instructions as we produce a multi-sheet workbook that will be used to record a real-life activity before we look at performing a range of complex analysis actions on the results. Join us as we create it by using the following principles whilst you gain understanding through practice and gain a certificate to show your current employer, put on your CV, or show your family.

  • Document setup and styles.
  • Creating headers and footers.
  • Advanced formula and functions including Count, CountIF, and CountA.
  • Understand and use Vlookup.
  • Introduce pivot tables.
  • Use multiple worksheets in a spreadsheet workbook.
  • Use graphs to present your data in a visually appealing way.

Including exercises to practice your new skills and aid understanding.

This course will take 2 hours.