FREE* online 2 hour Confidence, Motivation & Positive Mindset Course - funded by the Lincolnshire County Council and the European Social Fund.

6 Lessons broken up into 20 minutes segments, so put the time in now to make a real difference tomorrow, including:

• Learn to think about your dreams, including your personal and work life, health, appearance and friendships for the New Year.

• Be able to reflect and list what you are grateful for.

• Learn about having a fixed mindset and how to change your mindset to a growth mindset to start 2021 positively.

• Find how to motivate yourself by changing your routine from January 1st.

• Think of the impossible and dream the possible.

• List your goals and plan how to get there in the New Year.

• Goals planner included so you are ready to bring in the New Year.

Please complete the form below to enrol onto the FREE course. *Funding provided by Lincolnshire County Council and the European Union, you must be 19 years, or over, on or before the 31.08.2020 and you must be a resident of Lincolnshire.