Job Seeking Courses

Optimising Your Job Seeking

Look at the process of applying for a job, by finding out your key skills and attributes and how we go about matching these to job descriptions.

CV Creation & Updating (2 hrs)

To find the perfect job you will need by creating an attractive and informative CV. This course can give you all the help you will need to land an interview by discovering the different types of CV and learning when each is appropriate to use. Then by checking each element of your CV against tried and tested methods that will make your CV stand head and shoulders above the rest. It will only take two hours to complete and you will be given full support from our tutors.

Interview Skills (2 hrs)

You have been selected for an interview, this is your chance to shine and rise head and shoulders above the rest. Know what you can expect from different interviews: 1-to-1 interviews, group interviews, and online interviews, and be prepared with the best responses to questions and also what to ask. There are skills that you can learn that will enhance your chances of landing that job, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Complete Job Seeking Skills (6 hrs)

We can help you focus your efforts on finding the perfect job by looking at your current skills and job wishes and then showing your where to start and what to look for. We will then show you how to create an attractive and informative CV, which will be used to persuade an employer or manager to give you an interview along with an effective cover letter to engage the employer’s attention. We will even help you review, create or amend your CV with you if you need. From here we can guide you with the interview skills you will need and also how to accept your new job or role in a professional manner that will leave the employer desperate for you to start.

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