Beginner’s Spreadsheets

Beginner’s Spreadsheets

Creating spreadsheets doesn’t mean you need to be a Maths genius! So join us now and learn how to create spreadsheets for either work or personal use. Once you’ve figured out the foundations with our help and guidance, it’ll open up new opportunities for your data and you will be able to enter data and perform calculations with the end result being presented in a clear and easily digestible way. You will also get a certificate, which can be great for your CV for employers or to show your family.

  • Enter text and numbers into cells.
  • Save spreadsheets and workbooks.
  • Enter formulas using BODMAS.
  • Make changes to your data.
  • Add, delete, and resize cells.
  • Copy data and formulas.
  • Sort data by various categories.
  • Format numbers appropriately.
  • View and print your formula

Including exercises to practice your new skills and aid understanding.

This course will take 2 hours.