Complete Microsoft Office Skills - Length 16 hours

This course is a combination of our Introduction and Advanced courses, guiding you from getting to grips with your PC to creating complex spreadsheets - all in a professional setting.


Once you have completed this course, you will be in good stead to use your knowledge and skills to excel in an office-based career, move on to further education or secure an apprenticeship.

This course involves a more hands-on approach from our tutors. They will provide you with instructions, you will then prove your knowledge by demonstrating what you have learned - giving them the basis for your feedback.


The Complete IT Programme

What our learners say:

"I have been challenged throughout the course, which is exactly what I hoped and the skills learned will stand me in good stead going forward. 

Thank you and all the team for providing this course, it has been invaluable to me." -  Chris

"Before starting the introduction to spreadsheets course, I had no idea what to do, now I am using spreadsheets for everything" - Michael

"I really enjoy the way you do your presentations.  I actually understand you and kind of get what you're saying and doing.  For me, that's a big thing so credit where credit is due." - Deborah