Advanced Microsoft Office Skills

Following on from our introductory course, you will have a solid understanding of the basics of Microsoft Office.

In this course, you will expand upon your knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will be shown through successfully completing professional tasks, such as: mail merges, pivot tables, multimedia presentations, and many more.

Once you have completed this course, you’ll be in good stead to use your skills and knowledge to excel in an office-based career, move on to further education or secure an apprenticeship.

This course involves a more hands-on approach from our tutors. They will provide you with instructions, you will then prove your knowledge by demonstrating what you have learned - giving them the basis for your feedback.

Advanced IT Programme

Course Length: 6 Hours

  • Use Microsoft Word to create a complex document from scratch using
    • Document setup and styles
    • Headers and footers
    • Cover and content pages
    • Collaborate with others using track changes and comments
    • And use mail merge to create multiple copies of the same document to be send to different people.
  • Using Microsoft Excel you will construct a complex spreadsheet from scratch using:
    • Advanced formula and functions including - Count, CountIF, CountA
    • Understand and use Vlookup
    • Introduce Pivot tables
    • Use multiple worksheets in a spreadsheet workbook
    • Graphs
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint you will construct a complex presentation from scratch using:
    • Be able to format a presentation.
    • Importing text from another application into a presentation
    • Customising a PowerPoint design
    • Add media and animations to a presentation
    • How to collaborate when creating a presentation
    • Recording a presentation includes exercises so you can practice what you have learned.