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(10 hours)

Improve your performance at work in your current role or learn the key skills needed at work to gain a job or change career. Learn time management skills to really organise your life both at work and at home, review the communication skills you have and make changes to become an even more effective communicator, take time to look at body language and make small changes to really make a difference day to day, know how to work within a team, what kind of team player you are and how to lead a team and then learn techniques that will allow you to understand and become better in your everyday life.

Course Contents

Module 1: Time Management

Lesson 1: Time Tracker

Lesson 2: Goals

Lesson 3: The 3 Inbox System

Lesson 4: The To Do List

Lesson 5: The Doing Stage

Lesson 6: The Review Stage

Module 2: Communication Skills Introduction

Lesson 1: Introvert vs. Extravert

Lesson 2: Written Communication

Lesson 3: Verbal Communication

Lesson 4: Body Language

Lesson 5: Effective Listening

Module 3: Teamwork and Team Leading

Lesson 1: Teamwork

Lesson 2: Communicating with Others

Lesson 3: Focusing on Team Goals and Results

Lesson 4: Contributing Fairly in a Team

Lesson 5: Offering Support in a Team

Lesson 6: Team Members and their Characteristics

Lesson 7: Organising a Team and Team Leading

Lesson 8: Learning Within a Team

Module 4: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Lesson 1: Ways That Sleep can Affect Wellness

Lesson 2: How to Encourage Self-Care in the Workplace

Lesson 3: How to Discuss Mental Health Issues at Work

Lesson 4: How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Lesson 5: How to Manage Difficult Relationships at Work

Lesson 6: Resilience Training

Module 5: Body Language

Lesson 1: Body Language an Introduction

Lesson 2: Different Types of Body Language

Lesson 3: What do Different Types of Body Language Mean?

Lesson 4: Body Language for Public Speaking

Lesson 5: Body Language for Interviews

Lesson 6: Body Language Online

The completion of this course will give you the right tools to become a better employee at your workplace. Having effective time management will make goal completion more manageable whether it is at work or home. Being able to suitably communicate with your colleagues will make the workplace less stressful and joyful and will directly impact teamwork and team leading as proper communication is a crucial skill in this sector.

Furthermore, being mindful and aware of your own well-being will positively impact your employment as you will be aware of when you are able to work to your best ability or on the other hand, when you need to take a step back and assess yourself. Lastly, the ability to read and apply different body language will make you more aware of the surroundings and help you understand what your colleagues may be implying.


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Gain a certificate for each course you complete to demonstrate your new skills; for a new employer, to evidence your professional development, or for personal interest.


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