Advanced Motivation, Confidence, and Mindset

Advanced Motivation, Confidence, and Mindset

Follow-on course (try our introductory course first).

Following on from the introductory course we teach you advanced and effective mind exercises to assist in your everyday life, you can take control of your emotional responses and find healthy outlets through which to process the stressful circumstances of the modern day, leading you to focus your mind and body to become the person you want to be.

  • Access and acknowledge your habits, beliefs, and fears.
  • Observe the person you wish to become.
  • Learn new mental techniques: know your direction in life, focus on a growth-oriented mindset, learn from your mistakes, remove limiting beliefs and choose your own happiness.
  • The ‘5 Second Rule’- and when to use it.
  • Take action every day towards your goals and projects.
  • Using praise as a positive influence.

Including exercises for documenting your thoughts and feelings.

This course will take 2 hours.