Cover Letters and Job Applications

Cover Letters and Job Applications

Some jobs require a cover letter that will be read before your CV and even then if your cover letter doesn’t have what the employer requires they won’t even get to the good stuff in your CV. It’s about making a good first impression without being there in person, so a strong, confident opening will be your best bet in standing out from other applicants. Along with important information on application forms, this course will give you all the help you will need to land an interview! Know how to write a cover letter and complete application forms. Knowing the ins and outs of the application process will streamline your job hunting and save you valuable time.

  • Why do companies use cover letters?
  • How you should write your cover letter.
  • Using a template to accelerate your success.
  • How you should complete an application form.
  • What information you should include.
  • Creating a work-based email address.

Including tasks and exercises to review your current cover letter and reinforce your learning.

This course will take 2 hours.